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NAJFNR Open Access Information and Policy

All articles published by The NAJFNR are immediately made available worldwide on website under an open access license. This means:

  • everyone can access freely with no limit to the full-text of all published articles; 

  • everyone is free to re-use the published material if proper accreditation/citation of the original publication is provided.




​NAJFNR & Diamond Open Access model

NAJFNR aligns with the Diamond Open Access (OA) model, which entails no fees for authors or readers. The journal is supported by our research laboratory and the founders of the journal. The costs associated with publishing and peer-reviewing articles are primarily covered by these sponsors rather than being passed on to authors through article processing charges (APCs). As a result, both authors and readers can access and share research findings without financial constraints.

NAJFNR emphasizes transparency, inclusivity, and accessibility. Through our stringent peer-review processes, we maintain the quality and reliability of published works. By eliminating financial barriers, NAJFNR fosters equitable access to scientific knowledge for both authors and readers.


NAJFNR and Advantage of Open Access 


The High Availability and Visibility of NAJFNR open access articles is guaranteed via the unlimited and free accessibility of the publication over the Internet. Everyone can access and download the full text of all articles published with NAJFNR: readers of open access journals, i.e., mostly other researchers, do not need to pay any subscription or pay-per-view charges to read articles published by NAJFNR. Furthermore, our publications are included in search engines and indexing databases.

Open Access Resources

Self-archiving is hosted by the journal itself. 

The following websites are useful for those who are new to the concept of open access :

Wikipedia article on 'Open Access'

Peter Suber's 'Open Access Overview'

Information Platform Open Access [in English]

SHERPA's 'Authors and Open Access'

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